Sims 2 Hair Edit – Bobsims poison hair by Adoorane

Bobsims poison hair by Adoorane

My first hair project, Poison hair by Adoorane that originally looked like this:


The creator hasn’t been around since 2005/2006ish and the site was at

This hair is probably not to everyone’s taste, but I like weird and unique Sims stuff.

I took out the underlying part and animated the hair mesh. It’s pretty bouncy now. It’s binned to the custom hair and is in one color – black. It’s for child thru elder female sims.

Your welcome to recolor or whatever. That includes all of my projects. Just give credit and no paysites please.


Mina’s “Peace” Jewels –

Chains accessory set by 4w25 –

Sim by random button pressing from bodyshop

My edit of Strawberrikhunnie, her Sunmi top –

Custom skin my edit from [Less Pop Concert, More Butchery] Freckly-As-Fuck Skin Blends –

Pose #8 by llazysomeday –


Download from mediafire

Happy simming!