Bobsims Tf Mrsimstwo T-shirt conversion

bobsims tf tshirt1 bobsims tf tshirt2 bobsims tf tshirt3

Tf conversion of Mrsimstwo awesome t-shirt. 3 recolors and I modified the neck a bit so that accessory necklaces can show.

Mesh included in rar. Has morphs.

Your welcome to recolor or whatever. That includes all of my projects. Just give credit and no paysites please.


Mrsimstwo for the adult t-shirt –

Mina’s “Peace” Jewels –

Chains accessory set by 4w25 –

Sim by random button pressing from bodyshop

Custom skin my edit from [Less Pop Concert, More Butchery] Freckly-As-Fuck Skin Blends –

Pose #8 by llazysomeday –

My hair –


Download from mediafire