Bobsim’s Sims 2 teen alpha mini-skirt and tank-top

Hi all, I’ve been playing and enjoying the hell out of Sims 2. So of course I had to make some stuff for it. 🙂 I made the miniskirt because it seems all the alpha skirts looked slutty and had high heels, so I made my own version.

bobsims Tf Mini-skirt and Tank-top1

These are top and bottom separates for your teen female sims. Totally new and custom alpha meshes. No morphs cause I suck at that.

bobsims Tf Mini-skirt and Tank-top4

Credits for CC in pics:

– Alfi self sim from,

– H&M CAS! Screen by Miss-SKH at MTS

– SjokoSims DiscoBuzz hair at

– shoes from GnatGoSplat – Saggy shorts top Urban outfits for Male Teen Adult at MTS used for the bottom

– bruno lingeriecollection at MTS used for top and bottom underwear

– custom skin by me, not available

– I used Warlokk’s tf top for the top mesh, so that means nipples. Can’t see them though, because there is a bra and of course the tank top over it.

bobsims Tf Mini-skirt and Tank-top2 bobsims Tf Mini-skirt and Tank-top3

Get them here: package file and mesh in rar file. These are for Sims 2.

Mini-skirt –

Tank-top –

Recolor away! But don’t claim as your own, no pay-sites please. Give credit and post link back to here. Thanks.

Happy simming! 🙂


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