Bobsim’s Sims 3 3D Accessory Belt

Here is a 3D accessory belt with all morphs except pregnant for your young/adult female sims.

bobsim's 3d belt5

pose MOKO Girl #1

Top by Icia Design

Shoes by BobbyTH

Hair by dvdsims

Aiko Asimishi sim by Yogi-Tea over at mod the sims

Jeans by me with aikea guinea texture. Her jeans is here: Aikea Guinea Jeans

Two separate packages in one rar file. One is set to left garter, the other is set to glove. Use only one.

bobsiim's 3d belt

No uploading anywhere else, no paysites, no modifying these meshes or claiming their yours.

Download from mediafire:

Happy simming. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Bobsim’s Sims 3 3D Accessory Belt

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  2. Hi,

    I really like this belt, but unfortunately it’s young adult / adult only. I was wondering if you could make a teen version too.


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